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Publishing Academic Manuscripts: Advantages of Open Access

  1. Increased citations

Publishing in open access journals can increase the number of times your work is cited. For example, a Scientometrics article demonstrated that open access journal articles had significantly more page visits than those articles that were published in non-open access journals. This increase in web traffic translated into more researchers reading the open access articles and therefore more citations.

  1. Increased public engagement

In the age of social media, people LOVE to share. In the same Scientometrics article, researchers found that open access articles were shared and discussed significantly more often than non-open access articles on the same social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook). This increased social media discussion can lead to scientists and lay people outside of your field really engaging in your research discussion.

  1. Increased collaboration

Many countries, including those in Latin America, are publishing more in open access journals. This is likely due to increased accessibility to these journals via scientific libraries such as SciELO ( Open access allows researchers in developing countries to have access to the latest research and, as a result, form international collaborations with a broader group of scientists.