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Academic Science Publishing: 5 Tips for Promoting Your Manuscript

  1. Present at Conferences

Most conferences only allow unpublished work to be presented in order to be at the forefront of a scientific field. So, immediately before you publish your findings, present your work at as many conferences as possible. This is a great way to get the hype going about your work before it’s even out there! If the society hosting the conference publishes its abstracts, then your work will reach not only the audience at your presentation, but anyone who subscribes to society journals.

  1. Get on the cover

This has two main advantages. First, those who still subscribe to paper copies of journals will see your work as soon as they get their hands on the journal and will likely read it first. Second, journals do their own self promotion and include cover images as visuals for this marketing. So as they promote themselves, they’ll be promoting you too!

  1. Get social

Many scientists are on social media these days, especially Twitter. Tweet some of the central figures of your manuscript to your followers and get the conversation going. Be sure to provide a link to your article as well, making it easier to access.

  1. Present internally

Unlike conferences, department-based seminars typically do not require presentations to be of unpublished work. They are also always looking for volunteer presenters to showcase new findings. Take advantage and volunteer to present your latest manuscript! This will keep your colleagues up to date on your research, promote your manuscript, and looks great on your tenure application!

  1. Share

Share your work with anyone and everyone! This includes postdoc candidates and former mentors. Postdoc candidates will be interested to know about your lab’s latest research as it will inform the direction your lab is going. Former mentors who have supported you throughout your career will be excited to get an update about you! Sharing your research personally with others is a great way to stay in touch and maintain your network.