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Publishing Academic Manuscripts: 5 Tips on Promoting Your Research

  1. Promote Your Research


If you want people to know about your research, you need to share it with them. Before publishing, present at national conferences to get a pre-publishing buzz going. After publishing, promote your publication on any outlets you have: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it! Science is becoming more international and getting your work out on these public platforms will increase the impact you make on your field.


  1. Understand Citation Metrics


As the format of scientific publishing continues to transition from print journals to online articles, citation metrics are also shifting. More researchers are accessing the primary literature directly through online sources independent of publishing journals. This results in greater emphasis on individual impact and metrics. Some tools for measuring your individual research impact include Mendeley Stats and ImpactStory. Mendeley Stats gives you detailed insight on how your articles are being shared, read and cited along with the mechanisms by which readers find your articles.1 ImpactStory focuses on your research articles’ online reach by analyzing Twitter, blogs, news outlets and more.2


  1. Create a Lab Website


It’s 2016 and everyone is Googling everyone. The best way to ensure that your research makes an impact is to put it at the forefront of any Google search for you and your lab. So create a lab website and list your publications on it. Not only will a publication listing on your website increase readership, but it will also help potential employees review your lab’s research before applying for openings.


  1. Publish Open


Publishing in open access journals has been shown to lead to increased citations, public engagement, and collaborations.3 If you want to make a true impact in the research community, then publishing open access is an excellent way to do so. Read more about this in our article on the advantages of open access


  1. Collaborate with Thought Leaders


You know the thought leaders in your field. As soon as they publish, everyone is dying to read what they’ve written. They guide the direction of your field’s research. If you want to make a big impact, one way to do it is to collaborate with these leaders. Set-up a meeting with them at the next national conference or talk to their trainees about their research. Aligning yourself with a big influencer could take your research impact to the next level.